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The most recent update is from March 2023 (back after a 10-year hiatus). Newly revised, the new directory does away with the traffic rankings of previous editions but has been expanded to include the most popular ways to follow the individuals listed.

Previous updates (dating back to June 2006) can be found in the archives.

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Amanda AGAN AmandaYAgan
Brian ALBRECHT BrianCAlbrecht Economic Forces
Mackenzie ALSTON MackenzieAlsto4
Clifford ASNESSCliff's PerspectivesCliffordAsness
N. Emrah AYDINONATN. Emrah
James BAILEYEconomist Writing Every Day1ArmedEconomist
Stephen BAINBRIDGEStephen BainbridgePrawfBainbridge
Zachary BARTSCHEconomist Writing Every Dayzachary_bartsch
Chris BLATTMANChris Blattmancblatts
Joy BUCHANANEconomist Writing Every DayaboutJoy
Paula CABOT-LODGE paulacabotlodge
Paul CARONTax ProfSoCalTaxProf
Menzie CHINNEconBrowsermenzie_chinn
Tyler COWENMarginal Revolutiontylercowen
Mary DALY MaryDalyEcon
Brad DELONGBrad DeLongdelong Grasping Reality
Jennifer DOLEAC jenniferdoleac
Peter DORMANEconospeak
Eli DOURADOEli Douradoelidourado Eli Dourado
Daniel DREZNER dandrezner Drezner's Worlddandrezner
Jason FURMAN jasonfurman
Carl FUTIACarl FutiaCarlFutia
Joelle GAMBLE joelle_gamble
Anna GIFTY itsafronomics
Marc GOLDWEIN MarcGoldwein
Brian GONGOLGongolbriangongol@briangongol@newsie.socialEvening Post and Mail
Scott GRANNISCalafia Beach Punditsfgrannis
M. Nolan GRAY mnolangray
Tim HAABEnvironmental Economics (Haab and Whitehead)tim_env_econ
Emily HAMILTONMarket Urbanismebwhamilton
James HAMILTONEconBrowserJHamilton_UCSD
Steven HAMILTON SHamiltonian
Robin HANSONOvercoming Biasrobinhanson Overcoming Bias
Josh HENDRICKSON Economic Forces
Jennifer HILLMAN J_A_Hillman
Jeremy HORPEDAHLEconomist Writing Every Dayjmhorp
Lynne KIESLINGKnowledge Problemknowledgeprob Knowledge Problem
Shengwu LI
Trevon LOGAN TrevonDLogan
Mary LOVELY melovely_max
Michael MAKOWSKYEconomist Writing Every Daymikemakowsky
Greg MANKIWGreg Mankiw's Blog
Matthew MARTINSeparating
Megan MCARDLE asymmetricinfo
Rachel MEAGER economeager
Warren MEYERCoyote BlogCoyoteblog
Phil MILLERMarket Power
Daniel MILLIMETHow the Econometric Sausage is
Catherine MULBRANDONVisualizing
Craig NEWMARKNewmark's Door
Adam OZIMEK Modeled BehaviorModeledBehavior
Analisa PACKHAM analisapackham
Elizabeth PANCOTTI ENPancotti
Mark PERRYCarpe DiemMark_J_Perry
Barry RITHOLTZBig Pictureritholtz
George-Ann RYAN georgeannjryan
Claudia SAHM Stay-At-Home Macro
Andrew SAMWICKAndrew Samwick's Blogasamwick
Ajay SHAHLeap Blogajay_shah
Michael SHEDLOCKMishtalkmishgea Mish Talk
Noah SMITH Noahpinion Noahpinion
Yves SMITHNaked Capitalismyvessmith
Rebecca SPANG RebeccaSpang
Alec STAPP AlecStapp
Alex TABARROKMarginal RevolutionATabarrok
Gillian TETT gilliantett
David TUFTEVoluntaryXchangeDavidTufte
John WHITEHEADEnvironmental Economics (Haab and Whitehead)johnwhitehead81
Jadrian WOOTEN Wootenomics Monday Morning Economist
Tim WORSTALLTim WorstallWorstall
Mark L.J. WRIGHT MarkLJWright
Eliezer YUDKOWSKYLess WrongESYudkowsky

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